“My sense of direction leads me one way:  
To the beach.”
- Unknown



Q. My entire extended family will be on vacation with me, do you do those kinds of sessions?

A: Yes! I LOVE extended family sessions. Capturing the connections between generations (especially grandparents and grandchildren) is one of my very favorite things.

Q. How do I prepare for a family beach session? What do I bring with me? 

A. My favorite thing about being a photographer is capturing true emotion, and life as it is in the moment - and in that vein, I have no expectations of your children! I want to see who they are, and their full personalities. It's more than ok if they're loud, silly, adventurous, excited, etc - it's actually great! I want to see them be them. Please don't stress out about them "behaving" for me. I'm going to encourage them to be silly and have fun, and I hope you will do the same. If your kids are older, a little bribery has historically gone a long way, and for younger ones they can be comforted by things like loveys, pacifiers, favorite blankets and stuffed animals. These photographs are about capturing your family just as they are which is perfect all on their own. There is nothing you need to do to prepare, and nothing additional to worry about. All you have to do is come and relax. If you would like direction with or help planning outfits, I love discussing that! We can talk about what would look best at the specific time of year or or location of your shoot, or best colors on your family. 

Q. How long will my session take?

A. A typical family session lasts about one to two hours. We take breaks for laughing and goofing off, to make sure everyone is having a good time and is relaxed, and we always follow the kids' lead. 

Q. What is a session with you like? What can I expect?

A. A session with me is fun! My approach is very relaxed. I want our time together to be comfortable, easygoing, and a chance for you to make some memories of and with your family. My goal is to make you and your family feel like old friends. I am a big goofball, and will stop at nothing to make your children show me their true personalities, and authentic smiles. 

Q. Why a beach session vs any other location?

A. This one is easy! The beach is fuuuuun! I don’t know about you, but my family all relaxes at the beach - we kick off our shoes, we breath a little slower and deeper, we smile a little bigger. All those things lead to more natural, comfortable photos of your family that exude happiness.

Q. What is the cost of a family beach session?

A. Although every client and order is different, clients typically spent between $800-$2500 on their custom photography. Detailed pricing is available upon request.  

You should know that choosing to invest in preserving these memories of your family is a priceless act - you will cherish these images forever. 

Q. When should I contact you or book my family beach session?

A. You should book your beach session as early as you can - if it’s a vacation session, as soon as you secure your vacation dates. Some parts of the year get extremely busy, and preferred dates can sell out quickly. It's never too early! Every effort will be made to fit your session in, if you have a last minute booking request, so it never hurts to ask - but avoid that stress by getting your request and session fee in early. 

Q. What is the process to book a beach session?

A. Once you fill out the contact form to let us know you are interested, choose your date(s), and pay your session fee, your session is officially booked. For vacation sessions we select a preferred date and a weather backup, so we can guarantee your session will happen even in the case of rain.