The Very Best Places in MD for a Family Beach Session | Maryland Beach Photographer

We know that Maryland has miles and miles of beautiful coastline, but what are the best, most picturesque places for your family photography session? Regardless of the season or location, there is a beach for everyone. Here are a few of my favorites - Eastern Shore heavy, because this is my stomping grounds!

1) Ocean City. Any list of beaches in Maryland needs to start with the OC! With miles of beautiful sand and rolling waves, it’s a classic and gorgeous backdrop for your family.


2) Terrapin Nature Park, Stevensville. Want a great view of our iconic Bay Bridge? Not only does Terrapin have that, but a long beautiful beach, miles of lush green park and marsh, wooden bridges galore, the sunsets are to die for!


3) Fort Smallwood Park, Pasadena. A hidden gem in Anne Arundel County! Small sweet beaches with hidden and shaded coves, and a great place to find some driftwood.

4) Elk Neck State Park, Elkton. Up in the Northern part of the state you’ll find many of the prettiest backdrops all in one spot. Whether it’s beautiful rock formations, seemingly endless sand stretches, or leafy wooded areas you’re looking for, this is where to go.


5) Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis. A great central location from most places in the state, with a beautiful long stretch of beach, great parking (bonus!), and a great view of the Bay Bridge to boot.


6) Crisfield. This entire town is super cute, and if you want a very classic Maryland beach town, with beaches to match, you will find it in Crisfield.

7) Matapeake State Park, Stevensville. Another spot to get a great view of the Bay Bridge, there’s also a pretty rocky pier, some beautiful beach vegetation, and super bonus? It’s dog friendly!


8) St. Michaels and Oxford. Ok, they’re not the same place. But both these tiny towns are bursting with character and beauty. Maybe not traditional beaches in the sand and ocean sense, but if you’re looking to capture a nautical feeling this spot is for you.


9) Breezy Point Beach, Chesapeake Beach. Gorgeous, small beach where you can also find shark teeth. Cool! Pretty wooded cliff background, with wooden bridges and more beach vegetation.

10) Annapolis. Ok, ok, again not a traditional sandy beach. But the Annapolis waterfront cannot go without a mention! Beautiful old oversized wooden boat pier, gorgeous sunsets, and boats galore.


11) Bonus!! Sure, we’re discussing Maryland beaches, but can I really not mention our gorgeous neighbor, all of the Delaware beaches? Whether Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Rehoboth, or Lewes, there are miles and miles of beautiful coast to take advantage of!


Where Your Heart Is | Easton MD Senior Photographer

“Home is wherever you leave everything you love and never question that it will be there when you return.” 

– L. Christopher

I was so, sooooo sad when earlier in the fall this family let me know they were moving to Florida. Boooo, Florida!

But Maryland is where their family and their hearts live, so they come back :) I loved getting to spend some time with them, and document another start to a senior year (SENIOR YEAR?! WHAT? How did that happen so fast?!).

The Cool Kids on the Block | Eastern Shore MD Family Photographer

I got to see these guys exactly one year, almost to the minute, after I saw them last year. How cool is that? :)

(I showed up to our session in exactly the same outfit too, which is far less cool 🤣😬 - thanks Timehop for reminding me!) 

It was great to see these kiddos. They're getting so big! Still just as adorable though <3

Texas Comes to DC! | Washington DC Family Photographer

You might remember them from Texas, but Dr Dad decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon and his family made a vacation out of it, sooooo...... I got to photograph them AGAIN! At another super cool historical site, this time in DC. We're already talking about our next foray into history and photography, so watch this space ;-) 

Seeing as how these are some of my besties, prepare for lots of pictures. You might as well get comfy :)

(Disclaimer: DC is really strict on permitting for professional photography shoots, and many places - including ALL the monuments - require a permit before you can shoot there. If you are a photographer or a client considering a shoot in downtown DC, please check all the necessary permits before you proceed. No one needs to get arrested, fined, or lose all their pictures over one single shoot!)

DC Minis! Year.... I Don't Even Remember. A Lot! | Washington DC Family Photographer

Ahhhhhhh! You all know I love DC. You all know I love minis. It's another year of my favorites!

DC is so cool. The monuments make a gooooorgeous backdrop for these amazing pictures! 

(Boring technical stuff here: please note - DC is really strict on permitting for professional photography shoots, and many places - including ALL the monuments - require a permit before you can shoot there. If you are a photographer or a client considering a shoot in downtown DC, please check all the necessary permits before you proceed. No one needs to get arrested, fined, or lose all their pictures over one single shoot!)

Anyway. Another year of DC mini sessions in the books. Are you interested in a fall mini session? They're only offered on select dates throughout the year, and they usually sell out within a day of being announced. Get yourself on the mailing list to get all the info!

#Favorites | Easton Family Photographer


I have an amazing set of clients - no, not clients, FRIENDS - who come back to me year after year to document their growing, changing, evolving, families and the beautiful connections they all share. 

I love these friends.

Are you one of them? You really should be. 

Also prepare for a crazy overshare here. I'm obsessed with this session, this family, this light, this location, this night <3

Meet My New Besties | Bethany Beach MD Family Photographer

I fall in love a little bit with all of my clients. I can't help it - you're choosing me to dig into your love story and find the most beautiful, the most precious, the best connections, the biggest smiles... and when I do, well I'm smitten!

And then sometimes I meet a family and I think "hey, why aren't we all best friends already?" And this family? This was one of those. I didn't leave this session with a bunch of new clients, I left this session with a big old set of new BFFs. 

<3 | Silver Spring Family Photographer

I have an incredible relationship with some of my clients - who, at this point, aren't even clients anymore, they are just plain friends. I have had the incredible opportunity to watch their children grow up, and to capture for them slices of time and place and memories that will last a lifetime. 

This family is one of those. 

If you look closely in some of these, you will see photos of little brother that I took shortly after he was born. And now look at him <3 I have had the immense honor of being there for and with these guys through so many years, and I value that more than I can put into words.

Plus, this time big sis told me a joke that I STILL tell. She's hilarious :)

(Q: If a seagull flies over the sea, what flies over the bay?  A: A bagel! HAHAHA!)

My Love Affair with DC Continues | Washington DC Family Photographer

I've waxed poetic about this city before, but I'm telling you again, DC is about as gorg as it gets. I think Georgetown is just the epitome of adorable, with it's cobblestone streets and brick and fun painted walls. Every time I go I find something new and beautiful. 

I'm pretty sure all the families of this day of minis agreed with me. I was met with beaming smiling faces, excited sweet kids, and a bunch of new friends! <3