+  Emily has over 10 years experience photographing newborns, families and weddings. She has worked with over 200 families, and shot weddings around the world. 

+ Cat and the Fiddle Photography is a recognized industry leader, having taught classes to other photographers at conventions and a featured contributor to photography publications. 

+ No one else captures the connection and love between family members like Emily does. With an extensive background of training in natural posing techniques and countless hours of continuing education in photography, she brings a level of expertise to every session that results in beautiful, connected portraits for you. 

+ Emily prefers to work in natural light, and has designed the studio to capture the most soft, flattering light available, but she can work in any lighting condition including artificial and low light. 

+ Emily has carefully cultivated the team at Cat and the Fiddle Photography, pulling together a professional group who bring years of talent and passion to editing, and behind the scenes magic, who are dedicated to making images that speak right to your heart. 


I do this job because I'm a mom too. I'm an imperfect mom. I'm a real mom. I serve boxed mac and cheese once a week, I let my kids stay up late watching movies on my ipad, and I've been known to let them sleep in my bed to keep the scary monsters away. Our story is quirky and it's fun and it's ours...and it needs to be told. I need to make sure to capture these moments and preserve them forever. I need to let them be little and savor every moment of our crazy life. I know what I need for my own heart and soul, and I know that you need it too, because you're a real mom too. You need to have pictures that you can look at in ten, twenty, fifty years and be transported back to that moment - to the moment when he was tiny, and smelled like Johnson & Johnson baby soap, or when she first made eye contact with you, or how it felt to hold his soft little sausage hand. 

My approach to photography is all about you, and the details that capture the essence of you, a real family. I capture the quiet and comfortable, as well as the crazy and silly moments of you. Our session is a collaboration, and the results are memories you will cherish for a lifetime.