"Remember as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice normal family."
- H. Simpson



Owner, photographer, and head-honcho of Cat and the Fiddle Photography. 

+   Cat and the Fiddle Photography was named after my favorite nursery rhyme. I love the musical connotations the name creates, as music (and particularly bluegrass & fiddle music) is something I grew up with. My dad and children are talented musicians, although it definitely skipped a generation.

+   I have four children. I love large, loud, happy families.  

+   I am obsessed with travel and think it's in my blood. My grandmother worked for the UNDP and did stints in Laos, Namibia, and Mongolia amongst other places. I want to be like her whenever I decide to be an adulty adult. 

+   I grew up in a state where there were more cows than people.

+   Coffee is my love language.