Talent | Stevensville MD Senior Photographer

At the very last minute in fall of 2013 I enrolled my then two year old daughter in a beginning dance class at a local studio. I had no idea I had managed to choose the BEST dance studio ever, but I did. And while I can tell you lots about the world of 2, 3, and 4 year old dance, having not been a dancer myself, the rest of it has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I sit in awe at the showcases at marvel at the talent of both the students and the teachers at this amazing studio. 

So, when they asked me to do a shoot with their student teachers (proteges), I jumped on it. I love everything this studio represents, and I was excited to see these young people in action. 

And wow. 


Like most parents of young school agers, I'm a little nervous around teenagers. Here is an entirely new breed of kid that I know nothing about. But these young men and women are exactly the kind of teenagers I hope my kids grow up to be - polite, funny, engaged, kind, and so incredibly strong and graceful. They are athletes through and through. I was blown away.