Let Them Be Little | Stevensville MD Children's Photographer

I feel like lifestyle photography is a buzzword thrown around these days, and people don't often take the time to explain what it means to them or why they do it.  So, what is lifestyle photography to me? It's the opportunity for me to capture the very moment as it happens, to watch my children grow and learn and explore right in front of my lens, to immortalize those moments forever.  I love portraits, and think they give me a chance to capture the beauty and innocence that is childhood, but lifestyle... ahhhh, lifestyle - it allows me to tell a story, and not just any story, THE story of these little people.  My people, your people, that's the beauty of lifestyle, I can tell the story of my family or any family.  It's such a special way to take a slice of time and freeze it forever. I'm doing another blog circle this month, joining with some incredibly talented fellow lifestyle photographers (who I'm also lucky to have as great friends!) to capture the essence of our little ones.  The theme of our circle is "Let Them Be Little," an idea which I'm sure resonates with every parent out there.  I found this month though, that sometimes letting them be little both as hard and as easy as watching them trying to be big.  Christopher took advantage of the almost-spring sunshine the other day to do a little spring cleaning, Mr. Fix It'ing, and "I want to be just like my daddy-ing."

He'll always be little in my eyes, but man... when did he get so big? <3

Please continue along the circle and see my very talented friend Sherri's take on "Let Them Be Little" next!