Letters to my Daughter | Eastern Shore Children's Photographer

My Dear Claire, Can one win at vacation? Because if one can, you certainly do.  Our annual Outer Banks trip (stay tuned for more pictures from this week, to come!) was pushed back this year, thanks to your brother's arrival, and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time for all of us.  The minute we rolled onto the beach you let out a giant "WOO HOO!" (seriously, who taught you that?) and that set the tone for the whole rest of the week.  You, my dear, are a beach bum, just like the rest of us.  It's in your blood girl, you can't deny it! <3 We hear so often people's worries and concerns about you being the middle child, they wonder how you will react and adapt to life around you.  Well, my love, I think the middle is exactly where you are supposed to be.  You're in this wonderful in-between place, where you can be a big kid one second and then immediately be our sweet baby again the next.  You relate to your big brother just as well as you do to your little one.  (Ok, maybe not quite as well to the little one just yet... he's kind of hard to relate to, all he does is sleep and eat.)  I hope you always maintain this balance, it's a beautiful thing to watch you travel from person to person, situation to situation, and completely adapt as necessary.  You are the ultimate chameleon.

You turned two last month, and your class clown personality has just become more and more amplified - other kids bring out the sillies in you, and you love to make those around you laugh.  You get the cutest little grin and a devilish look in your eye and you never know what's about to happen.  90% of the time it is awesome and fun.  The other 10%? Well, you're two.

I love you, Claire <3

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