Mr. C, Six Days New! | Easton MD Newborn Photographer

I couldn't wait to meet little Mr. C and his big brother. I had talked a little with his mom in prep for our shoot, and I knew I was going to be meeting a fun little family, that was full of love, and I was so right! I meet a lot of little ones, who show me all sorts of different personalities, and let me tell you - C is one of the most inquisitive, interested newborns I have ever met.  This little guy was not interested in sleeping, even for a minute.  He was intently watching everything happening around him, which was pretty cool! He didn't want to miss a single second :)  So, we got some great awake shots - as much as sleepy babies are the way to go for posing, I love capturing big, beautiful wide open newborn eyes - you just know there's so much wisdom there.  Babies are cool :)  He eventually gave into sleep, and we did get some squishy poses (including in an antique crab basket his mom has, how fun is that?). This is one sweet family :)  Brothers have a special place in my heart :)