Let Them Be Little | Chestertown MD Children’s Photographer

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with two kids? It's exactly as fun as it sounds.  Except.... sometimes it IS actually really fun :)  And I live in the place in the world where I think all the nicest people have congregated - I can't go to the store without hearing how beautiful and well behaved my children are (hahahahaha, they certainly have everyone fooled!).  Today was one of the fun ones.  Christopher is such a little boy, and he was so helpful getting all the things that are difficult for Mommy and her giant belly to reach on the bottom shelves (as a sidenote: just a few more weeks and I'll be making the grocery trips with three kids... eeeek!).  Claire is such a sponge right now, learning and loving everything around her.  I think the produce section is such a great learning tool for a toddler! We talked all about apples and bananas and red and yellow, and on and on. I love these kids <3

So, here's a day in the life of our family at the grocery store.

It always starts with coffee for Mom.  Because, well, duh.  And sometimes that means a little drink or treat for the kids too.

And I always, ALWAYS go to the left side first.  Bread, dairy, freezer section.  I don't know why, I just do.

At which point, the silliness usually starts.

You know, following the rules at the grocery store can be difficult.  Especially when it comes to favorite things like goldfish crackers, or "FEEEEEESH!" as Claire calls them.

When Mom asks you to get something that's up high, it only makes sense to see if you can jump for it.

By then we've almost always filled up the cart, and end up needing to find creative ways to balance the produce.  Or someone carries it.

And then we're done.  DONE.  And bored.

Except despite her many lists, Mom always manages to forget something.  So it's back to the beginning we go ;-)

Thanks for sharing our routine with us! :)  Please follow around the circle to my lovely and uber talented friend Laura at My Everyday Blessings.  Her photos of her children are breathtaking!