Letters to my Daughter | Centreville MD Children’s Photographer

Ok Miss Claire, we have reached a milestone here with this whole Letters project.  You see, Mommy is now 36 weeks pregnant - and by the time the next letter comes out this will have become letters to my daughterS or letters to my daughter - my one and only, my little princess in a sea of princes! Whoever this is in there is going to tip the balance of our perfectly divided house (we have Mommy, you and the cat on the girl side, Daddy, Topher and the dog on the boy side!) and I think we're all excited to see which direction this is going ;-)  You have held steadfast that it's a little sister in there - we'll soon see if you're right! In the meantime, I'm relishing these last few weeks where you are the baby 'round these parts :)  I know as soon as little brother or sister arrives you're suddenly going to be looking so big - not that you don't already, you blow my mind daily with your charm and your wit and your smarts (just today you counted from one to seven, I didn't know you could do that!) - but those tiny details on you that have seemed so small and baby-like, are suddenly going to be signs of how much you've grown, how close to "big kid-dom" you really are.  Your little duck tail is growing out (Houston, we have hair! Finally! It only took 22 months!), you want nail polish on your tiny toenails (even though you are too impatient to wait for it to dry, and it gets smudged off almost immediately), you are an epically messy eater and despite my best efforts you usually have a smear of yogurt or peanut butter (which you've suddenly decided you don't like anymore!) somewhere on you, and you are still the happiest most fun loving little girl on the planet - who else would get such joy out of playing big brother's Legos on the kitchen table because Mommy is just too tired to do anything else? Just you, my little Claire, just you <3

Please continue around the circle to my dear friend, the super talented Nicole, of Colie James Photography, and read her June letter to her spunky and awesome daughter Chloe (who I had the pleasure to meet in person a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you - Nicole captures her essence perfectly! They are quite a charming pair, those two :)).