Let Them Be Little | Easton MD Children’s Photographer

As I talked about last month during my Let Them Be Little project, sometimes letting them be little means letting them be big - letting them stretch their wings and flex their adult muscles, and try to be a big grown up just like Daddy. And then sometimes letting them be little is actually that - letting them be little in this world, letting yourself grasp how infinitely small and unique and perfect they are.  How there is only one of them in the entire universe.  My little boy may be getting oh so big... but he is still oh so little <3

Please follow along the circle to my super talented friend Aimee of Aimee T. Macnamee Photography's blog as she explores the Let Them Be Little theme.  Aimee is a Richmond, VA lifestyle photographer who is amazing at capturing her spunky little girls' personalities - you'll love what she has to offer!