Letters to my Daughter | Stevensville MD Children's Photographer

My Darling Claire, Sassypants! I'm pretty sure that's the best word to describe you as of late :)  You are a quite spitfire, and at 19 months you already have your daddy and I wrapped around your beautiful little fingers.  I'm afraid of what your teenage years will hold, because some of your diva tantrums already stop me in my tracks! But, all I can do is laugh at you - your fiery temper (matched by your hair, which is growing in red! Who saw that coming?) is always balanced by your sense of humor, and your undying sweetness.  You're quite the Leo my little love, you fight hard and you love even harder.

This month we went to the beach! Your daddy and big brother and I had so much fun with you, playing in the sand and splashing in the waves.  You greeted everyone with a giant smile, and your favorite new word "HELLO!" (On this trip you also learned "coffeeeeee!" "BUCKLE!" [as in "unbuckle me now, Mommy!"], "beach!" "Sand!" and "Water!")

My sweet Chicken Noodle (one of your many, maaaaaaany nicknames - sorry 'bout that ;-) ), it was such a pleasure to watch you learn and discover and love something that I love so much, and to feel that travel will be a part of your soul like it is mine.  I hope this is something we can share together for many years, and this was just the first of many great adventures to come our way.

I love you Claire.  I love watching you learn and grow.  I love being your mommy.  I'm one lucky mommy, indeed <3


Please follow the circle! This month I'm linking to the talented Misty Davis, who will share some of her thoughts to her beautiful girls :)