Summer, summer, summertime | Eastern Shore MD Children's Photographer

This summer has passed in one of those slow/quick blurs where every day seems impossibly long, but then I look up and suddenly the summer is 2/3 over and I feel like it just started.  I'm sure this is entirely due to the whole brand-new-person-taking-up-all-my-time thing, but so many amazing things have happened this summer, it's just been one of those periods of time I want to capture and replay in my mind over and over again for years to come.  Other than Ben, the biggest news of our summer was my sister and her family moving here from Vermont.  Where they use to be an 8-12 hour drive away by car, now they're only 15 min, and it's aaaaaaaaawesome! So our summer has been filled with sweet baby snuggles and lots of cousin playtime.  There's been some book reading, some super hero flying, and lots and lots of outdoor fun.  Oh summer, never leave!