A Day in the Life of a Two Year Old | Eastern Shore MD Children's Photographer

Every year on their birthdays I do a day in the life post for my kids.  When I first did this with Christopher, four and a half years ago, I had no idea it was going to become a tradition, but it's just kind of morphed into one.  I LOVE it.  It feels like a special thing that I share with each of them, every year, and I love going back to look at their days year after year. This time it was Claire's turn.  My baby girl turned two <3

We had a little reading/playtime right after waking up.  She always has the most epic beadhead, I love it :-D

"Strawberry cereal" (Special K Redberries, my kids are obsessed with it!) is a breakfast of champions for a birthday girl. It's Claire's day, she gets to pick what she wants to do.  What she she want to do? "Bath! Bath! Bath!" Ok then, baby girl, lets do it. And then it was on to the playground :)Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for lunch with the cousins? Yes! Claire wants to do that! Followed by ice cream - vanilla, only ever vanilla! It's a birthday lunch fit for a queen.Then the ultimate birthday treat for any kid... a trip to Target, where you can pick out ANYTHING you want.  She was laser focused on the babies.And then a little pre-nap winding down and tv watching.Waking up from naps is hard, even when you're the birthday girl......but it's nothing a popsicle can't fix.  In fact, there's very little a popsicle can't fix, when you're two. Surprise! Happy birthday Claire! A big wheel fit for a princess. And then it was dinner time.  A very funny, silly, pizza filled dinner time. "Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaay Dear Claire Bear!" Someone enjoyed her cake very much :)Happy, tired, dirty... and one year older.  I don't know how she's already two.  Love her so :)