Oh, Big Families <3 | Easton MD Family Photographer


Big families have this energy and spirit that I'm always amazed and so inspired by. There is this undercurrent of inside jokes, easiness, shared history, love, light, and connection that is so strong that I feel like I could reach out and touch it. Or capture it. I love this. 

I met this wonderful big family over the weekend. They lucked out with a beautiful evening for pictures, and I had a great time with them :)

Bringing the Love, on the Eastern Shore | Easton MD Family Photographer

These families are all so special to meeeeee! I've literally watched these kids grow up in front of my lens, and while I can't take ownership of them... they're not mine... I feel like maybe a little bit they are <3 It's so incredible to be able to reconnect with families year after year and see their little ones blossom from babies to rambunctious kids to just plain old awesome teenagers.