Sunday Funday | Washington DC Newborn Photographer

This family stole my heart a long time ago. It's been amazing watching them grow up and together as a family, and this session just makes my heart burst. Seeing them with their newest little sweetheart, existing in the world of second-time parents, managing a newborn and a toddler with ease... it's moments like these that remind my why I do what I do. 

I love my job. 

I love these guys <3

Springtime, Sunshine, Mama-to-be | Alexandria VA Maternity Photographer

The weeks, days and moments before your family of three becomes a family of four are immensely special. All of a sudden you start to see your firstborn in a new light. She isn't your tiny baby anymore, she's growing and changing and about to become this incredible, nurturing, amazing big sister. You compare her giant diapers to the teeny tiny ones that the new baby will wear, and you think "wow, where has the time gone?" You start to imagine the relationship they will have - your two babies - and your heart is overwhelmed. 

And then there's your husband, who you also see in a new light. You see the man that you love as the apple of someone else's eye, you watch the way your daughter looks at him and you know he would never, ever let her down. You think about how the two of you have created this most perfect family, and about how it's about to get even bigger, and your overwhelmed heart overflows.

New babies are indescribably awesome. But so are the moments before the new baby. <3